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Asia Supply possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to provide decentralised and customisable water and wastewater treatment solutions. Our comprehensive and budget-friendly systems adhere to stringent water quality regulations.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive solution for commercial filtration covering everything from filtration equipment to sparkling water dispensers to can sealing machines. Rental options are also available based on customers’ preferences and requirements.

Customising systems Catered To Your Needs

Asia Supply is dedicated to design efficient filtration solutions to address water related challenges in various industries. This provides our team with diverse collaboration experience which increases the potential of serving a wider array of industries.

Furthermore, we offer sustainable and eco-friendly solutions tailored to numerous commercial settings. These solutions encourage a more environmentally friendly approach to hydration, elevating the drinking experience for employees, customers and guests while also promoting responsible practices.

Featured Products


The Anzzio EQ3 filtration system offers a cost-effective 3 stage filtering solution that effectively removes dirt, chlorine, taste & odor and organics from water before using for residential purposes like drinking...
Karei AP series pleated filters are made of 100% pure polypropylene depth matrix that offers absolute retention efficiencies from 0.1 to 50 micron with effective filtration area of more than 0.64m2. It is manufactured...
The TKH stainless steel filter cartridge housing comes in three variants of materials (SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L) and has the capacity to accommodate up to 7 filter cartridges. This housing is widely utilized in water...
The TKH stainless steel filter bag housing is available in three material options (SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L). This housing finds extensive use in water filtration systems and sewage treatment across various industries,...
Anzzio PFA Housing is one of the most widely trusted and recommended for controlling contaminations. Tested based on Class 100 & 1000 cleanroom standards, the housing quality is fully assured and compliant within...
The Anzzio Remote DI system is an economical and straightforward system that generates ASTM type II water with resistivity reaching up to 16MΩ. Through the combination of reverse osmosis and deionization processes,...
Aclaris F series filters contain various types of active carbon and other adsorbents. They are ideally suited for appliances that use room temperature or cold water and for applications that are particularly sensitive...
The Anzzio Smart Tap is a stylish and contemporary touchscreen water dispenser designed to conserve tabletop space by utilizing the undersink tank. This dispenser provides three water options: Hot, Room temperature,...
The Blubar is a modern dispenser with manual mechanical taps supplying cold still water and cold sparkling water. Made entirely from stainless steel, the machine uses environmentally friendly R290 natural refrigerant...
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