Ion Exchange Carbon Filter

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Aclaris F series filters contain various types of active carbon and other adsorbents. This filter stands out with a range of exceptional benefits. It combines high output for enhanced taste and smell with efficient removal of organic contaminants.

Additionally, it offers hassle-free replacement without the need to shut off the water supply, along with built-in protection against microbial contamination. Moreover, it's certified for contact with food, ensuring its safety and suitability for various applications. They are ideally suited for appliances that use room temperature or cold water and applications that are particularly sensitive to unpleasant odours and chlorine.

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  • Efficient removal of organic contaminants
  • Integrated protection against microbial contamination
  • Certified for contact with food
  • 15000L Filtration Capacity
  • Water point is required for installation
  • Price is for full set (filter & filter head) with installation ( water point max 1m away from installation point)
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