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Sparkling water dispenser installation and servicing

Asia Supply offers an all-inclusive solution that covers from filtration to water dispenser installation. Our filtration mechanism efficiently removes contaminants such as dirt, sediment, and chlorine from the water. After purification, the water is infused with carbon dioxide within the dispenser to produce revitalizing sparkling water. In addition, syrup can be blended in to create carbonated beverages.

Routine maintenance is also performed for our dispensers, which includes cleaning and filter replacement. This comprehensive package is impeccably tailored for the hospitality industry, encompassing establishments like restaurants, cafés, hotels, and diverse events.

OutDoor Water Dispenser installation and servicing

Asia Supply offers the installation of contactless bottle fillers combined with drinking fountains. These water dispensers offer a convenient and reliable solution for providing fresh drinking water in outdoor environments. The durable construction and weather-resistant design makes it suitable for various outdoor settings, including parks, recreational areas, comunnity centres and outdoor events. This initiative encourages individuals to use their own bottles for refills which supports environmental sustanibility by minimizing the use of plastic bottles, consequently reducing carbon emmissions and aligning with the green movement.

These dispensers would be coupled with our filtration mechanism which can efficiently remove contaminants such as dirt, sediment, and chlorine from water. Routine maintenance is also performed for our dispensers, which includes cleaning and filter replacement.

Can Sealing Machine and Commissioning

Commissioning a can sealer machine is a vital step in the journey of streamlining production processes for various industries. The commissioning process plays a pivotal role in ensuring that can sealer machines operate with the desired level of precision and efficiency.

Asia Supply provides can sealers along with the commissioning service to ensure seamless and consistent functioning of the machine. Our professionals meticulously fine tune the machine's settings, perform repeated testing, and troubleshoot any potential issues to align with our clients’ requirements. This precision contributes to increased production efficiency and reduced wastage, ultimately benefiting our customers.

In conclusion, can sealer machine commissioning is a critical process that guarantees reliable and efficient operation of these machines. Asia Supply ensures that our can sealers uphold product quality and safety while optimizing production processes.

Rental for Sparkling Water Dispenser & Can Sealer

Sparkling Water Dispensers and Can Sealers are available for rental to cater to your special occasions be it pop-up store or corporate events. The rental services include delivery, setup, and maintenance, relieving you of logistical worries and allowing you to focus on your event. Moreover, logo printing services for the cans are available for you to personalize your designs and incorporate logos for your publicity purposes. Overall, this is a budget-friendly option for events or F&B establishment conducting trials.  

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