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Anzzio Remote DI Water System

Products: Anzzio Remote DI Water System


Model Name : Anzzio Remote DI Water System 
Model No : Anzzio RWD 
Application : 1)Laboratory Usage 2)Mixing with Chemicals 3)Precise Industries Washing 4)Resin Line Washing 5)Hose Washing
4 Stages of Filtration : 1)Sediment Filter 2)Carbon Filter 3)RO Membrane 4)Mixed Bed Resin
Flowrate : 1.0 LPM
Inlet Water Requirement : Tap water ; TDS <200ppm, 5-38°C, 1.0-4.0kg/cm²
Outlet Water Quality : Resistivity 16.0MΩcm, TDS< 1ppm
Type of Water : Type 1/2 DI Water
Power : 240W
Dimensions : 54.5(L) cm x 47.0(W) cm x 61.0(H) cm
Weight : 25.0 kg